Extending operations at AAT GmbH

The company AAT GmbH has been designing and manufacturing turnkey conveyor systems to customer specific requirements since 1975. We have become a successful conveyor technology company that supplies large industrial concerns throughout the world. Particularly in recent years, the AAT Freezing brand has developed an international reputation and achieved a tremendous upturn in business.

As a result of the extremely cramped working conditions in Engineering and Production, expansion of the Lichtenwörth site was therefore started in October 2018. In addition to eliminating the current problem of space, the expansion will also create some 25 additional jobs.

The expansion of the operations at AAT GmbH is made up of three building extensions over two major construction phases. In the first phase of construction, the existing steel construction workshop and assembly hall will be connected together via a corridor area in order to improve the flow of materials and processing of orders. In addition, an extension will be added to the assembly hall. This hall extension will be approx. 600m² in size and is mainly intended as a goods receipt and dispatch hall. All of the outdoor area will be completely redesigned. Among the changes, more than 60 parking spaces will be created. Work on this phase is proceeding according to plan, so there is nothing to prevent the new hall and the outdoor area going into service by the end of 2018.

In the second construction phase, work will start on a two-storey office building extension in the spring of 2019. This extension will provide space for about 20 new employees. After completion of the extension, the old office buildings will also be refurbished to create a consistent corporate look throughout the business premises.  

All these improvements will combine to make the Lichtenwörth location a modern facility that meets all requirements.


"Development of the BoxFreezer has made enormous advances within the last 4 years. And we will continue to drive development even further in our future BT-Group Innovation Centre: Right down to the very last nut and bolt. We will continue to invest heavily in the continuous improvement of our systems.

Satisfied customers are our ultimate goal and gaining their trust in our systems is our most valuable reward."


Martin Kink, Head of Division of AAT-FREEZING & Authorized Representative  of AAT GmbH

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