First BoxFreezer on the other side of the world

Over 17,900 kilometres distance away from Lichtenwörth, in New Zealand, the first BoxFreezer for lamb has been put into operation by AAT-FREEZING at the end of January.

Both the great distance and the time difference of 11 hours presented a big challenge, but it was mastered with flying colours by all those involved. The start of this project was the result of a chain of fortuitous circumstances. In August 2018, Martin Kink (Branch Manager, AAT-FREEZING) took a phone call during the tour of a BoxFreezer in Spain. Mr. W. from Active Refrigeration, who originated from Tyrol but had immigrated to New Zealand, urgently needed assistance as their carton freezer supplier was unable to complete a project.

On the recommendation of a fellow Tyrolean, at the ATP engineering planning offices, who worked with AAT at Marcher Fleischwerke in Carinthia, everything just clicked into place. One and a half years later, the BoxFreezer is now successfully in operation to the complete satisfaction of the customer. Project manager Thomas Toth and Programmer Michaels Wels from BT-Anlagenbau flew to the installation site in New Zealand for three weeks before final project acceptance. The two young engineers dealt with all outstanding issues in a professional manner, even on the other side of the world, so that there was nothing to hinder a smooth hand-over. The customer is extremely satisfied with the service provided and has already recommended AAT-FREEZING further. The BoxFreezer has camera monitoring and other Industry 4.0 features. It now freezes over eight tonnes of lamb during a 16 hour day.


"Development of the BoxFreezer has made enormous advances within the last 4 years. And we will continue to drive development even further in our future BT-Group Innovation Centre: Right down to the very last nut and bolt. We will continue to invest heavily in the continuous improvement of our systems.

Satisfied customers are our ultimate goal and gaining their trust in our systems is our most valuable reward."


Martin Kink, Head of Division of AAT-FREEZING & Authorized Representative  of AAT GmbH

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