AAT-FREEZING – Innovative, Flexible and Powerful

Our BoxFreezers are full of innovations. Their design is thought through in every detail: saving space and achieving excellent adaptability.

  • Transverse Air Stream
    The freezing blowers are arranged on the side of the BoxFreezer, so that the airstream blows directly into the product stack. The freezing air reaches the product faster and shortens the freezing time. The total air path is shorter than in other systems, because the air only has to cross the width of the plant. That means that if the plant is 30 metres long and 6 metres wide, then the system only has to chill the 6 metres. The result is a better temperature curve and more uniform freezing of the products.
  • Lock Capacity up to 2000 Units
    Up to 2000 units can be loaded and unloaded simultaneously.
  • Multitemp – the Innovation
    Our BoxFreezers come with up to 3 freezing zones that can be programmed independently. For example, one zone can be used for shock freezing to −20 °C, one for cooling and one can be switched off to save energy. Multitemp is our exclusive solution.
  • 20 % More Compact
    The BoxFreezers produce the same performance in 20 % less space than conventional designs.
  • Reorganizable
    The system allows the pallets to be reorganized flexibly, adapting loading and unloading to different requirements.
  • Flexible In- and Output
    The locks are customized to suit your existing plant layout. This keeps the transport paths as short as possible and allows you to achieve a space-saving and more flexible line design.
  • Accessible
    Workers can enter the BoxFreezer even while it is running, because only the product zones are refrigerated.

AAT-FREEZING – Assures Your Product Quality

AAT-FREEZING – Designed in Detail

Up to three freezing zones are available for products that need different refrigeration processes. This is just one of the innovations in our BoxFreezers.


AAT-FREEZING – Optimal Refrigeration Quality for Your Products

The BoxFreezer is designed to ensure gentle handling of the packaging at the same time as maximum freezing performance.

  • Best Possible Freezing Quality
    A key aspect of our BoxFreezer is the outstanding freezing quality. The BoxFreezer delivers an optimal freezing curve and gentle handling of the packaging. The rapid freezing means your product spends the shortest possible time in the BoxFreezer. The colour and surface of your products are less affected and their appearance remains more appealing.

AAT-FREEZING – BoxFreezer Systems for All Your Needs

Don’t settle for poorly designed systems. We are sure to have the right solution for you.

  • BoxFreezer
    In many variants ‘out of the box’. We are also the place to come for special designs. Our experts will analyse your requirements exactly, so that you get a BoxFreezer that is perfectly configured for the way you need to use it. We put efficiency and cost savings top of the list. For you that means optimum utilization, product safety and quality.

  • Pre-Sorting and Output Station
    We supply the complete pre-sorting system including the conveyor technology and control mechanisms to make sure your product workflow is as good as it can be. The same applies to the output station. We can also supply the subsequent steps such as manual or robotic packaging or transport to a high-bay warehouse. We can supply any special variants of these processes you wish for.

BoxFreezer – an AAT Product

AAT manufactures complete conveying systems for mid-sized and large piece goods.

With over 40 years of experience in plant engineering, AAT is the partner to turn to for automation. AAT created the first BoxFreezer line in 1983. Since then the design has been continuously developed and improved. The customized automation of material flows and production processes gives AAT clients high added value and competitive advantages. All conveyor systems are designed and fabricated in-house according to client requirements and are installed and commissioned at the client’s site. Besides the specialized conveying systems we can also supply complete production lines.


What the experts for freezing says...

Ing. Helmuth Gruber, former CEO of Linde Kältetechnik G.m.b.H Austria

In my point of view the BoxFreezer of AAT-FREEZING combines the most important basic principles of such a system, namely:

  • the opportunity to drive at the same time different freezing times,
  • the product is not moved by the BoxFreezer, but it is protected in the pallets,
  • energy-saving fans through a split airflow,
  • low maintenance, due to less moving parts in the BoxFreezer.

These principles were very well developed and implemented by AAT. Additionally, necessary conveyor systems such as sorting and palletizing areas can be delivered perfectly. For this reason a complete transport concept can be delivered by AAT. If the product packaging allows a good heat transfer the BoxFreezer guarantees optimum freezing times.

Based on my experience I can therefore highly recommend the BoxFreezer of AAT-FREEZING.

Helmuth Gruber Portrait


AAT-FREEZING – Optimal Refrigeration Quality for Your Products

The BoxFreezer is designed to ensure gentle handling of the packaging at the same time as maximum freezing performance.


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"Development of the BoxFreezer has made enormous advances within the last 4 years. And we will continue to drive development even further in our future BT-Group Innovation Centre: Right down to the very last nut and bolt. We will continue to invest heavily in the continuous improvement of our systems. Satisfied customers are our ultimate goal and gaining their trust in our systems is our most valuable reward."


Martin Kink, Head of Division of AAT-FREEZING & Authorized Representative of AAT GmbH

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