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We offer fully automated shock freezing systems, cooling systems, short-term storage systems and tempering systems for food in boxes or cartons.

AAT-FREEZING systems are among the most advanced freezing systems on the market. These systems are automatically loaded with the products through an air lock. After shock freezing, the finished products are automatically transported out. The Small BoxFreezer has a throughput of 100 kg to 2 tonnes per hour. As a result of specific adjustments, this is also compatible with the industry standard 4.0.


Advantages of Small BoxFreezer

  • The system can be easily extended or relocated due its modular structure.
  • Low assembly costs on site – the system is delivered in finished modules.
  • The Small BoxFreezer comes with an insulated foundation system – only a normal hall foundation is needed on site.
  • The Small BoxFreezer is available with a matching refrigeration system. The customer only needs the electrical power supply for the system.
  • Little to no ice formation in the Small BoxFreezer due to dehumidifying at the air locks.
  • Due to the Airflow Shelf principle, the products in the Small BoxFreezer are ideally circulated with air.
  • The Small BoxFreezer can be used on a wide range of products – cartons, crates, ice cream containers, dairy products, convenience food and many other types of product packaging.
  • An ingenious loading and unloading system, which works without pushing out the products, does not cause damage to the cartons, boxes or other product packaging. As a result, there is no dust, wear or dirt due to damage to the products.


The Small BoxFreezer is a cost effective, automated refrigeration or freezing system for products in small packaging or in small volume production such as cartons, crates, ice cream containers, dairy products, convenience food etc. The system is ideal for products with different freezing times.


Freezing capacity per SBF unit: 4.200 kg
Dimensions: 10 (to 31) x 6 x 3.5 m (L x B x H)
Freezing time: 0.5 bis 24 hours – dependent on product, packaging, volume and weight
Capacity per SBF unit: 210 boxes (600 x 400 x 150 mm)
  420 cartons (300 x 400 x 150 mm)
  1000 ice boxes (260 x 160 x 150 mm)
Feed rate per SBF unit: 8 boxes / min (600 x 400 x 150 mm)
  16 boxes / min (300 x 400 x 150 mm)
  38 ice boxes / min (260 x 160 x 150 mm)


The leading innovation:


The sophisticated design of our Airflow Shelf ideally and controlled directs the air over the product. Your product is frozen faster and more gently. This saves you time and money. The arrangement of the cooling unit allows a continuous flow of cold air through the open shelf floors. Thus, the cold air reaches the products faster, whereby the freezing time is significantly reduced. As the air only has to be distributed across the width of the system, the total distance travelled by the cold air is shorter than with other systems. Thus, the temperature curve is optimised and ensures uniform freezing of the products.

Thoroughly designed down to the last detail

In contrast to comparable freezing plants, such as spiral freezers or cold rooms, products with different freezing times can be cooled with the Small BoxFreezer. This is just one of the many innovations that our Small BoxFreezer has to offer.

Small BoxFreezer


In order to be able to assemble the entire system at the customer's site with a minimum assembly and commissioning time, the system is already assembled in advance in Austria, operationally tested and then dismantled into appropriate transportable modules (container size).



Due to its modular design, the Small BoxFreezer can grow with the customer without constantly having to invest in new, larger systems. Extension is possible both in the horizontal and vertical direction, thus allowing for adaptation to the spatial conditions on site.



AAT-FREEZING – Optimal Refrigeration Quality for Your Products

The Small BoxFreezer is designed to ensure gentle handling of the packaging at the same time as maximum freezing performance.


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"After repeatedly coming into contact with prospective clients who run small businesses, we decided to develop a fully automated freezer system for these customers too. We also considered it important to design a system that grows with the needs of the customers."


Martin Kink, Head of Division of AAT-FREEZING & Authorized Representative  of AAT GmbH

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