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made in austria - AAT-FREEZING

We offer fully automated shock freezing systems, cooling systems, short-term storage systems and tempering systems for food in boxes or cartons.

AAT-FREEZING systems are among the most advanced freezing systems on the market. The freezing systems are automatically loaded with the products through an air lock. After shock freezing, the finished products are automatically transported out. The BoxFreezer has a throughput of 3 to 30 tonnes per hour.

The Small BoxFreezer (NEW) covers the range from 100 kg to 2 tonnes per hour. As a result of specific adjustments, AAT-FREEZING systems are also compatible with industry standard 4.0.

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We supply fully automated systems for shock freezing, temporary storage and/or tempering of food in cartons or boxes.


service area of Freezer CONTROL comprises the entire control and monitoring of your intra-logistics solution of AAT-FREEZING.


Sophisticated solutions and a high level of standardisation in conveyor systems guarantee our customers obtain the required reliability and efficiency.


Even after completion of the project, AAT is a competent partner for all relevant issues. Our Customer Service is happy to support you.

Advantages of an AAT BoxFreezer:

  • Simultaneous freezing of different product types with different freezing times
  • Improved, guaranteed freezing quality
  • Labour-saving operation
  • Saves energy costs with optimized freezing times
  • Saves energy costs with multi-zone design; zones can be switched off when not needed.
  • Large load capacity thanks to compact design
  • Long operating periods between defrosting stops
  • Automatic loading and unloading logistics with comprehensive display of monitoring parameters and freezing times
  • Flexible, parameterizable loading and unloading strategy allows rapid adjustment to changing production conditions
  • Timed unloading commands programmable by PC
  • Database option allows production records and data to be saved and archived, on the plant control unit or PC (Ethernet).
  • High availability, rapid error analysis via remote maintenance modem or Internet.


AAT-FREEZING – Optimal Refrigeration Quality for Your Products

The BoxFreezer is designed to ensure gentle handling of the packaging at the same time as maximum freezing performance.


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"Development of the BoxFreezer has made enormous advances within the last 4 years. And we will continue to drive development even further in our future BT-Group Innovation Centre: Right down to the very last nut and bolt. We will continue to invest heavily in the continuous improvement of our systems.

Satisfied customers are our ultimate goal and gaining their trust in our systems is our most valuable reward."


Martin Kink, Head of Division of AAT-FREEZING & Authorized Representative  of AAT GmbH

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