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The Evolution of Tunnel Freezing

BoxFreezer – an AAT Product

AAT manufactures complete conveying systems for mid-sized and large piece goods.

With over 40 years of experience in plant engineering, AAT is the partner to turn to for automation. AAT created the first BoxFreezer line in 1983. Since then, the design has been continuously developed and improved. The customized automation of material flows and production processes gives AAT clients high added value and competitive advantages. All conveyor systems are designed and fabricated in-house according to client requirements and are installed and commissioned at the client’s site. Besides the specialized conveying systems we can also supply complete production lines.

"Development of the BoxFreezer has made enormous advances within the last 4 years. And we will continue to drive development even further in our future BT-Group Innovation Centre: Right down to the very last nut and bolt. We will continue to invest heavily in the continuous improvement of our systems. Satisfied customers are our ultimate goal and gaining their trust in our systems is our most valuable reward."

Martin Kink, Authorized Representative & Head of AAT-FREEZING


We received
this letter from
a satisfied customer.

"This letter confirms that following the non-completion by others, of a proposed carton box freezer destined for our Meat Processing Plant in Invercargill, New Zealand, AAT-FREEZING successfully designed and constructed a replacement carton box freezer. In all respects, the replacement freezer has performed very satisfactorily and has now been in operation for four years, without downtime. We could be happy to consider using AAT-FREEZING for future similar projects."