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AAT-FREEZING pilot project


Joint Projects with AAT and AAT-FREEZING

AAT and AAT-FREEZING’s new partner in
China is represented by Johann Pichler.

¡Hola España!

ELPOZO, a leading Spanish food company, relies on BoxFreezer
technology made by AAT-FREEZING.

News - Die BT-Group sagt Danke

BT-Group wants to say, “Thank you!”

A sign of appreciation

First BoxFreezer in Switzerland

First BoxFreezer in Switzerland

AAT-FREEZING clocks up success in Switzerland.

Expansion of the AAT-FREEZING team

The team at AAT-FREEZING has been expanded.


BT-Group News 43

Company News 43

BT-Group News 42

Company News 42

BT-Group News 41

Company News 41