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Freezer Control

The service area of Freezer CONTROL comprises the entire control and monitoring of your intra-logistics solution of AAT-FREEZING and includes the areas of PLC Control for the entire material flow system & Web-based visualization system for all areas


Visualization system

The visualization system of AAT serves as a user-friendly cockpit for your entire plant. The web-based system enables flexible access by various users, also from external stations, without any installation effort for your IT administrators. Easy parameterization of the user functions enables targeted monitoring and control of your plant.

Real-time visualization of your sequences and processes as well as possible video surveillance of the sub-areas facilitates the daily work sequence for your staff.

PLC control system

For planning and realizing the controllers for material flow systems, AAT especially pays attention to high availability, plant safety and standardization.

Intelligent software modules guarantee smooth and energy-efficient transport of your products. Special accumulation strategies decrease the start-up cycles of the conveying elements and thus significantly reduce maintenance and energy costs.

Core tasks of the PLC control:

  • Implementation of the transport orders from superior systems
  • Safety-related monitoring of the plant parts

AAT-FREEZING systems are among the most advanced freezing systems on the market.

Core tasks of the PLC control:
  • Incoming goods
  • Storage
  • Order picking
  • Outgoing goods
  • Value-added services
  • Cross-docking
  • Inventory management
  • Stocktaking
  • Material flow control
  • Goods tracking
  • Co-Packing
Further informations

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