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AAT in Thailand

AAT-FREEZING successfully uses the synergies of the BT-Group.

The intention to use the synergies within the BT-Group is already paying dividends with AAT-FREEZING.

Together with BT-Anlagenbau, which in the future will provide the electrical system and control technology for the BoxFreezer, four projects have been sold for 2016 and 2017. The starting shot of the first joint project in France will be fired this year.

AAT-FREEZING has therefore once again taken a big step nearer to its next milestone, of further developing the BoxFreezer and of anchoring its business more internationally. „I am delighted that we can rely on internal know-how in the group,“ says Martin Kink, General Manager of AAT-FREEZING.

In a joint project in Hungary together with ECE-LOG, we came very close to closing an order for the first deep-freeze storage unit alongside the BoxFreezer.

„We are very proud that we could win this project in Hungary. We put body and soul into this from the beginning. Of course, it is a pity that it wasn’t quite enough for the big joint scoop. Nevertheless, ECE-LOG can build on the experience this has gained and think about diversification in this direction. The preparation and presentation of the deep-frozen high-bay warehouse was unique and impressed the customer very much.“

A further synergy is currently emerging in Thailand, where AAT-FREEZING, together with SB Thailand, wants to capture the market for freezer systems. After the first visit of the AAT-FREEZING globetrotters in July, the initial link was laid for cooperation in distribution in Thailand, which was soon followed through with a subsequent joint presentation in October.

Martin Kink was invited to Bangkok, together with Markus Binder, to take part in the „Meat and Poultry“ and „Thailand Intelligent Warehouse” conferences.

„These provided two ideal opportunities to advertise and stir up interest in Thailand. Together with SB Thailand, we acted as a strong team. They do a great job and we have already been able to infect them with the freezer bug”, noted Martin Kink.