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Salut AAT-FREEZING en France!

The first BoxFreezer in France has just been successfully completed.

In the dreamy village of Lahontan, close to the Pyrenees, the Fipso company is surrounded by beautiful countryside. And it is here where a BoxFreezer for the shock freezing of pork has been supplied.

What is special about this order is the first contact, which occurred at the IFFA fair in Frankfurt. “It underlines the importance of a presence at a trade fair and confirms our decision to make the AAT-FREEZING exhibition stand both bigger and more attractive,” comments Martin Kink, head of AAT-FREEZING.

“Fipso is a perfect showcase customer. From the outset, the relationship was perfect and all the participants in the project were extremely helpful and committed. The Marcher company, in Carinthia, also deserve much praise as they always facilitate visits by us to the BoxFreezer and support us as much as possible,” remarks Martin Kink.

Project management in France was a major challenge, as the communication was mainly in French. But the AAT technicians even jumped this hurdle with flying colours. “On occasions there were misunderstandings due to language, but all of the Fipso employees tried very hard to reply to us in English and resolve the problems as quickly as possible,” notes Christian Schwarz, the project manager for this BoxFreezer.

This was the start of business in France, and will be followed by a concentrated effort in this market, so that this BoxFreezer will followed by further units.

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