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Friendly customer

AAT-FREEZING pilot project


Our AAT-FREEZING customer Hunent has agreed to support us with the further development of the BoxFreezer. Thereby, an extension of the existing plant by 2 packages, for a further step in the world of digitalization, is being planned.

With the help of these extensions, the so-called „Freezer Care” & „Freezer Control” packages, it will be possible to collect and evaluate specific system parameters and draw conclusions about the general conditions of the individual components.

Preparations for the pilot project are currently in full swing and on the home stretch. The AAT-FREEZING BoxFreezer of Hunent in Hungary freezes 12 tonnes of duck and goose meat per hour and was put into operation in 2017. This again symbolizes the enormous importance of a good supplier-customer relationship. The resulting experience helps us – as manufacturer- and the customer – as user- to maintain and design the plant in the best possible way and to constantly adapt it to the requirements in order to meet our joint quality standards.

We would like to thank the companies Siemens, PTC and Redwave for their support in this important step in the digitalization of our plants.


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