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Completion in Progress

The office extension at AAT in Lichtenwörth is close to completion.

Alot has happened since the start of the renovation work in April 2021. A total of 500 m3 of earth was moved, as well as 500 m2 of flooring laid. Thanks to the diligent skilled workers, the offices are almost completed, and the large windows make the rooms shine brightly, which also contributes to a pleasant working environment. The first rooms have already been furnished with state-of-the-art office furniture and are about to be moved in.

The façade of the new office building is almost finished and work on the interior is also progressing rapidly. The employees of AAT are already looking forward to moving into the new, bright, and modern premises. At the end of this year, the move into the new building will take place and then the conversion work in the existing office building will continue.


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