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From Austria to the world

A strong partner and another happy BoxFreezer client in Turkey


from left to right: Johannes Zusag (AAT),  Markus Binder (AAT), Ipek Ergenekan (Purchasing Manager Senpilic),
Aydin Basyurt (General Manager, CEO Senpilic), Martin Kink (AAT)


T­­­ogether with our Turkish partner Odin Makine, AAT-FREEZING sold another BoxFreezer to Turkey. Senpilic – with its headquarters in Istanbul – has started its business with a modest broiler farm in 1978 and therefore, has over 40 years of experience in this business. They are among the leaders in the chicken industry in Turkey, employing more than 3.700 staff members helping to process 425.000 tons of chicken meat annually. The plants of Senpilic are selling their chicken meat products by their own distribution channels that can be found all over Turkey. Currently, Senpilic is exporting to over twenty-eight countries worldwide and planning to expand its territory in the near future.

The BoxFreezer by AAT-FREEZING will contribute a little bit more to the ambitious standards of the poultry products Senpilic will produce from next year onwards.

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