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BoxFreezer in the USA

The first parts of the 1st BoxFreezer are on their way to the USA!


The project in America is reaching the hot phase, while the first parts are on their way to the construction site in Missouri, where assembly is set to begin soon.

Despite challenges such as the time difference and differing standards, our project managers are mastering this difficult and challenging task with flying colours thanks to the tireless support of our American partner, above all Paul Osterstrom (AEI). Their commitment is crucial to another milestone in the AAT-FREEZING success story. Our teams’ commitment is reflected in the quality and efficiency of our work. Even under the different systems and regulations, they are doing an excellent job to ensure that the project is completed successfully and on time.

The collaboration with our local partners and the support from the head office team play a crucial role in the success of this major project. We are proud to have such talented and dedicated people in our team who are helping to establish AAT-FREEZING as a leader in the industry.

„Of course, not everything always goes smoothly with such a major project in a distant country with different standards, but we are making very good progress and have already made the first deliveries. Nevertheless, these challenges make this job so exciting,”

Project Manager AAT