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AAT-Freezing at IPPE 2024

AAT-FREEZING expands its market presence in the USA at the IPPE 2024


This year's IPPE was particularly important for AAT-FREEZING, as the first order in the USA is about to be delivered. This marks a significant step towards establishing the brand in this market and targeting further projects. A key success factor was the cooperation with our partners, who all participated and presented at the joint booth. Positive feedback and important talks with industry leaders confirm this approach and lay important foundations for future projects.

„A few years ago, we decided to significantly strengthen our presence in order to make our brands better known in America. The feedback was sensational. Many important talks with big players have confirmed our efforts and set the course for the future. A big thank you goes to our amazing partners Pulsfort, AEI and NAX, who are following this path."

Martin Kink
Authorized Representative and