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New conveyor technology project for automotive - battery systems

AAT is also a part of the future electromobility!

AAT's conveyor technology department has been awarded a contract by SIEMENS Austria to supply the conveyor systems for the production of ZSB battery systems at VOLKSWAGEN for a plant in Germany!

During the bidding phase AAT was already able to impress with competence, creativity and through decades of know-how in conveyor technology! Through intensive customer support, planning and co-designing of the layout, we succeeded in winning the order.

"We have never had such detailed planning and elaboration in the bidding phase!" was the tenor of the SIEMENS project team - special thanks go out to Johannes Zusag, who, in addition to his work as managing director, also managed to support the sales department with layouts and technical elaborations!

The task comprises the automation of material flows in the battery assembly plant! The route of the conveyor system to be supplied by AAT leads through the entire complex and starts at the goods receipt of the battery modules into the high-bay warehouse, followed by the transfer to production. Subsequently, the completed batteries received from production are then transferred either to a warehouse or to the outgoing goods.

The main components are the goods receipt with de-stacking and stacking equipment, sorting storage, the connecting conveyor technology to the high-bay racking, the module separation for the transfer to the production and finally the further transport of the ready battery systems.

In this project, all possibilities of conveyor technology are exhausted, heavy conveyor technology up to 3,500 kg as well as light conveyor technology up to 800 kg is being used. In addition, belt lifters and stacking devices in connection with portal conveyor technology, and as a specific challenge, special machines for the handling of transport containers, individual battery modules and ready batteries. In total, approx. 285 drives will be installed in this plant, and wired and commissioned by SIEMENS. Due to the project volume and the complexity of the plant, a 3-man project team oversees this order from the very beginning. It consists of long-time experienced employees, headed by Hartmut Hausensteiner, supported by Erhan Houszka and Peter Lechner, as well as the rest of the AAT team in the areas of administration, purchasing, documentation, manufacturing, and assembling.

This project enables AAT to pull out all the stops again in its own core competence, conveyor technology with special machine construction, in order to show, together with SIEMENS, that the areas of sustainability and electromobility also hold important future opportunities for classic conveyor technology.

As with all our projects, we are sure to see satisfied faces at the end and to hand over a perfectly running plant!

„We have never had such detailed planning and
elaboration in the bidding phase!“

SIEMENS project team